Tips To Prepare Your Car For Donation

Donating your car is an excellent way to get rid of an old vehicle while helping out a good cause and receiving a tax write-off. The good news is the car doesn't even have to be running, since most donation programs take both running vehicles for auction and non-running vehicles for scrap. The following tips can help you get your car ready for the donation so that you don't overlook anything. [Read More]

Want To Work In Refrigeration? Complete These Four Steps First

If you love keeping cool and making money, you may find that you love working in refrigeration. This stable industry boasts a healthy growth rate of 21 percent, with a median pay of $43,640 per year. But you can't just waltz right into your new career. Here are four important steps you must be prepared to go through first. 1. Formal Training Refrigeration training is essential for anyone who plans to enter this highly technical field, especially since the materials and temperatures involved call for skillful handling and a firm grasp of safety regulations and practices. [Read More]