Ready To Become An Electrician? 6 Tasks Electricians Perform

If you want to enter a profession that has seen an increase in demand, and you don't want to go through a traditional college education process, becoming an electrician may be just what you need. Before you obtain an electrician certification, you need to make sure you understand what an electrician does.

Task #1: Wiring

First, one of the primary tasks that electricians perform is the wiring. As an electrician, you need to understand how to wire a wide variety of things, such as transformers and circuit breakers. To work with this wiring, you need to have good manual dexterity. You also have to have a lot of knowledge about the size and type of wire to use in each situation you may find yourself in.

Task #2: Deductive Reasoning

As an electrician, what you need to do is not always going to be spelled out for you. You need to be able to look at a system and determine what the defects in the system could be. You need to be able to figure out where things could be wrong. You need to be able to figure out what did go wrong when the power is not flowing. You need to be good at deductive reasoning and figuring out puzzles.

Task #3: Preparing & Reading Blueprints

Third, you will need to learn how to read blueprints. Reading blueprints is a regular part of a job for an electrician. You will need to read blueprints that show you where things are located and where things need to go. Electricians often work on building sites, where they have to install wiring and equipment on their own.

Task #4: Critical Thinking Skills

Fourth, you need to have critical thinking skills. You need to be good at reasoning through things as an electrician. Oftentimes, you will be the lead on a project or working independently, which means you need to be able to independently make decisions and decide what needs to be done.

Task #5: Physically Demanding Work

Fifth, it is important to realize that being an electrician can be a physically demanding job. You will have to get in crawl spaces and work on job sites. You will have to carry your own equipment. You need to have some level of physical fitness to be a good electrician.

Task #6: Varied Work

Sixth, as an electrician, you can enjoy a varied work environment. You need a base of knowledge to be an electrician, but you will face new environments and new challenges every day.

If you want to enjoy a career where you take on a wide variety of work, an electrician is a great career. You will need to obtain an electrician certification, which you can earn by going through a trade school.